User Experience Research Manager

Title: User Experience Research Manager
Direct Hire
Location: New York, NY

· This is a great opportunity to join a growing team working collaboratively in an Agile environment.
· Perfect for a UX Researcher with a minimum of 6 years’ experience.
· On-Site Lab!

As a User Experience (UX) Research Manager, you will be a core member of the experience team, tightly partnered with Experience Designers and Managers to focus on one particular segment of the Consumer Journey (e.g., Learn + Decide, Buy and Get, Use + Pay, Stay or Leave).

On one of these core teams, you will be accountable to conducting the appropriate insights work to reveal consumer needs and expectations from defining new experiences to delivering a solution that satisfies and delights our consumers. Other responsibilities include:
• Uncovering experience insights on work streams.
• Leading insight activities (e.g., front-end experience creation, design refinement in-person and remotely, A/B testing).
• Integrating secondary data and input into the insights process.
• Developing the screening criteria, discussion guide, and activities for each stage of insight.
• Moderating sessions.
• Formulating insights and story-telling.
• Uncovering unexpected insights that drive new experiences as well as the little ‘i’ insights that inform their development.
• Presenting these insights in a compelling way to help stakeholders understand consumer needs and how those needs impact solutions.
• Presenting insights to senior leaders as appropriate.
• Ensuring the Consumer Experience Lab and technology is operating well for consumers and stakeholders.
• Escalating on-going needs and issues to the Director of CXI.
• Managing recruiting and facilities firms, as well as remote testing panels and partners.
• Managing the participant experience to ensure they are comfortable, maintain confidentiality, and handle note-taking and video responsibilities amongst the core.
You’ll need to have:
• Bachelor’s degree or four or more years of work experience.
• Six or more years of relevant work experience.
• Experience with user experience insights.
• Experience managing the recruitment process with vendors and managing the day-to-day quality of the lab.
• Experience with secondary data, trends, and learnings.
• Experience moderating and planning ethnographies, one-on-one’s, panels and remote testing environments.
• Experience creating discussion guides.
• Experience with qualitative generative research, evaluative methodologies, and usability from concept formation through launch.
• Experience working in an Agile environment.

Even better if you have:
• A degree.
• Experience developing screening criteria to identify the right consumers.
• Experience defining and planning the approach and methodologies in context of project scope and timeline.
• Experience providing insights to inform digital engagement (e.g., website, apps, api’s).
• Ability to ensure the right technology and tools are in-place to provide a positive lab experience for consumer participants and viewers.
• Knowledge and experience working with data science, analytics, and market research groups on quantitative evaluations.
• Experience bringing insights to life through a narrative that clarifies the needs and desires of consumers and how those insights can be integrated into the designed experience.
• Experience crafting discussion guides and appropriate tools and exercises to reveal consumer needs and desires in close partnership with Experience Design, Management and Business Partners.
• Experience working in the early stages of group formation.
• Partner, vendor, and resource management experience.

  • Accepted file types: doc, pdf, txt, docx.